LITERARY WALK "The Lily of the Valley"

Join a museum guide between April and October to follow in the footsteps of Balzac's hero Félix de Vandenesse, explore the Indre Valley, visit locations in the The Lily of the Valley and unlock the secrets behind the text by Honoré de Balzac (route based on The Lily of the Valley, Saché - Pont-de-Ruan footpath, 15 "Balade en Touraine" label, 2017, PDF, 2 Mo)

  • Long walks // Duration: 5 hours (15km) / Difficulty: for experienced hikers / Please bring a flask, hat and picnic for lunch halfway through the walk.
  • Short walks // Duration: 1.5 hours (5km) / Difficulty: for novice hikers. / Please bring a flask and hat.

Subject to good weather and a minimum of 10 ppl.

Price: 9 € per person, group rate 7 € per person min. group size 15 ppl (inc. admission fee, exc. picnic).