Unaccompanied tour at musée Balzac, © Stevens Frémont.


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Unaccompanied tour

You can use our materials (FR, ENG, DE) to visit the Balzac Museum without a guide. Room pamphlets are also available throughout the visitor experience (FR, ENG, DE).

Guided tour

Learn about the bond between Balzac and the Touraine region, his everyday life in Saché with a presentation of the château's reception rooms (first floor furnished rooms) and the museum's permanent collections during a presentation "Balzac in 20 mins !" or a guided tour (1 hr). Get an introduction to literary works inspired by Touraine (The Lily of the Valley, The Vicar of Tours etc.) and books written in Saché (Father Goriot, Lost Illusions etc.).

Booking is required for presentations and guided tours in English - included in the admission ticket.


  Duration : 20 minutes or one hour


Château de Saché dining room, © Stevens Frémont